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Prison Strike

In a terrible case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you have been framed for murder and sentenced to a death penalty. Your challenge is to uncover and execute the ultimate escape plan left behind from the previous inhabitant of your prison cell. What would you prefer, being a ‘criminal’ on the run, or an innocent person put to death?! You have one hour before the guards return from their rounds. It’s now or never...


Mumbles Bunker

There is a murderer on the loose, police are warning members of the public to stay vigilant. It is likely that the killer is keeping his victims captive in order to play a game with them. The victims are locked in a room and must escape within one hour or face being locked up for ever. Use your teams wit and resilience to uncover the killers identity, and escape.


The Voyager spacecraft was travelling to a new homeland when its systems malfunctioned. You come out of hibernation and face being stuck on the ship for eternity. You must prove that you are human to enter the cockpit and turn the ship around.